The Black Music Collection

Whether it’s Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel or Jazz, African Americans have always used music as a way to create a sense of home! In 1979, the month of June was declared ‘Black Music Month’ to highlight the role African Americans played in curating various genres and styles of music. 

In 2000, the House of Representatives signed a presidential order making the celebration official. Moving the needle, in 2009, “44” aka “My President” aka President Barack Obama changed the name to African-American Music Appreciation Month.

In celebration, Foot Knowledge has curated a “Black Music Collection” that pushes the narrative forward - at the door! “Knock Like You Got Some Rhythm,” “The Soul Train Starts Here” and “Real Hip Hop Lives Here” are designed to start immediate conversations: Who’s the best and why - nationwide! 

As we celebrate the contribution of African Americans on the legacy of American music, Foot Knowledge recognizes that home is not just where the heart is, but it’s where soul lives too.

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“Real Hip Hop Lives Here”
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